S1:E16 – Hindsight 20/20 – Future Pacing

In this episode of Advisor Skinny, Mike discusses "hindsight 20/20," but looks at it from a different perspective. His question encompasses the idea that if you had the ability to look back in time, would your position today line up with what you wanted to accomplish when you looked into the future? By utilizing this question, you can assist not only your own business, but the satisfaction level of your clients.

Show Notes & References

The Chain-of-Secrets® Fast Track series takes the business building concepts and strategies of the live COS event and delivers them in a virtual format. Affiliated advisors are afforded the opportunity to learn from a distance and revisit specific concepts on their own time. As a part of our ongoing coaching and consulting with advisors, USA Financial uses this series as another business building educational resource to help communicate and train advisors on a variety of entrepreneurial topics.


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