S1:E13 – The Cost-Credibility Marketing Matrix

In this episode of Advisor Skinny, Mike Walters explores the elements necessary to increase credibility, even if it means increasing the cost that you are spending on the marketing, promotional, and public relations activities in which your firm engages. This cost can come in the most obvious form, money, but also in the form of time and energy. As touched on in previous episodes, not using your time effectively can be costly for the success and growth of your practice.


Show Notes & References

The Chain-of-Secrets® Fast Track series takes the business building concepts and strategies of the live COS event and delivers them in a virtual format. Affiliated advisors are afforded the opportunity to learn from a distance and revisit specific concepts on their own time. As a part of our ongoing coaching and consulting with advisors, USA Financial uses this series as another business building educational resource to help communicate and train advisors on a variety of entrepreneurial topics.


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