S1:E9 – The Power of Psycho-Cybernetics

In this episode of Advisor Skinny, Mike Walters discusses mastering the subconscious concept of psycho-cybernetics. An important factor to consider in the hiring process, psycho-cybernetics relates to an individual's "programming." When you hire a new employee, you are also hiring this programming. Mike also encourages listeners to consider their own psycho-cybernetics in relation to how effectively they are running their business.


Show Notes & References

The Chain-of-Secrets® Fast Track series takes the business building concepts and strategies of the live COS event and delivers them in a virtual format. Affiliated advisors are afforded the opportunity to learn from a distance and revisit specific concepts on their own time. As a part of our ongoing coaching and consulting with advisors, USA Financial uses this series as another business building educational resource to help communicate and train advisors on a variety of entrepreneurial topics.


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