Mike Walters

“Unofficial” description of Mike (that’s me) & Advisor Skinny (that’s this blog)…

I was here in the very beginning, circa 1988, bootstrapping USA Financial (www.usafinancial.com) from the trunk of a car, and growing it to include multiple subsidiaries and becoming a recognized industry leader. Technically, I’m the CEO and have been the lead dog since taking over the reins in 1991. Our primary subsidiaries consist of a broker-dealer, registered investment advisor (RIA), formulaic trending money manager, turnkey asset management program (TAMP), insurance and annuity distributor, compliance guidance and practice management, multimedia marketing consulting and technology, plus business refinement and client engagement firm.

I always shoot straight and have little time for those who don’t. I’ve been accused of being brutally honest, transparent and blunt … but of doing so in a uniquely humble way that reveals how much I care for others and their success. I feel I’m blessed with a knack for explaining business and financial industry complexities with simple candor while cutting through all the BS, smoke and mirrors. Or, as I’m known to say… 

 “Here’s the skinny!”

I’ve done boatloads of keynote industry speaking, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the financial services industry, as well as intimate events with advisors and investors. I also write, and record, and blog – a lot – but only when there is something important to say. (I hate bloggers who blog just to blog, or tweet just to tweet, or feel compelled to share where they last ate dinner or bought a cup of coffee – no time for that.) I’ve authored articles and/or been quoted in many recognizable consumer and industry publications, as well as been interviewed hundreds of times through a number of different mediums to provide industry insight into topics that affect financial advisors and consumers. Not to mention having co-hosted a nationally syndicated radio show. 

I also build and create a lot of (what I think is) very useful stuff. Specifically, I’ve developed the Asset-Cycle® Portfolio System, Portformulas® Formulaic Trending Money Management, RAM® Score Economic/Market Trending Calculation, and Mapper Score™ for market indexes, as well as a number of other recognized financial industry tools.  And that leads to a lot of other exciting things like pioneering the Portformulas’ money-management relationship with the National Christian Foundation for donor-advised funds, etc.

In addition to all that, I’ve served on advisory boards at some of the industry’s largest companies as well as for nonprofits. But honestly, I try to avoid these gigs anymore as I’m busy enough and get unbelievably frustrated with slow-moving committees laden with individual political agendas.

So, if you find my work, philosophies and industry perspective to be appealing, valuable or interesting – then this blog is specifically designed for your education and enjoyment as I take time to cut through all the red tape, BS and financial industry confusion.

 “That’s the skinny!”

 P.S.  When I’m not focused on work, I feel like I stay fairly active for a guy over 50. I enjoy sports, the outdoors, and traveling with my wife, daughter and two sons. As they say, “Variety is the spice of life,” and I thrive on sharing experiences with my wife, children, and friends – plus a couple of enthusiastic, large dogs. As a bonus, my kids’ ages span across 10 years, so we get to enjoy tremendous diversity in our activities. My wife and I also try to spread our blessings in support of many charitable causes, generally focused on children and/or helping those in need who are struggling to elevate themselves.